Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy

Law Operations Division

The Law Operations Division, provides administrative support for the Kentucky Public Advocacy statewide system in order to fulfill the statutory mandate of KRS Chapter 31 of high quality representation of clients. Those duties include providing: caseload data and analysis, fiscal information, professional work environment, technology, recruitment of high quality staff, personnel actions, criminal justice issue analysis, grant application and management, payroll and health benefits, and library information services. The Division works to help defender staff operate efficiently and effectively.

Law Operations Division Director

Brad Holajter HeadshotBrad Holajter became the Director of Law Operations in 2013. Brad began his career in DPA as a Law Clerk for the Maysville Trial Office in 2004 because he was devoted to defender work and the value it provides clients and our communities.

In 2005 Brad transitioned to the position of Public Advocate Investigator for the Cynthiana Trial Office, a position he held for 5 years. During this time, Brad investigated every manner of case in five counties as well as volunteered on conflict cases in many of Kentucky’s 120 counties.

In 2010 Brad became the Investigator for the Capital Trial Branch of DPA, a statewide team assigned to represent clients facing the death penalty. Brad acted as an Investigator, technical resource, trial consultant and team jury expert. During this time Brad traveled to every area of Kentucky and defended many capital clients from before they were charged all the way through capital trials.

Since 2007 Brad has worked closely with the Education Branch of DPA to educate Attorneys, Investigators, Social Workers and Mitigation Specialist Nationwide at DPA’s Annual Conferences, Capital Regional trainings, Jury Selection trainings, Capital Defense Institutes and Annual Essentials of Defense Investigation Courses. Brad has also served as an agency resource on new technology, investigative standards, and as a collaborator with state agencies that have a role in Kentucky’s criminal justice system.

Before Joining DPA, Brad Holajter graduated with a JD from Syracuse University College of Law (2003) and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Criminal Justice and Spanish from Indiana University (2000).

Brad is an active 3rd degree member of the Knights of Columbus and served for 9 years on the Board of Directors, 5 years as President, for the Nativity Montessori School in Maysville, KY. Brad lives with his wife Christine and his three Children Cailin, Sophia, and Owen.

Human Resources

Human Resources Branch Manager Sherri Payne began  her career with DPA in December of 2010.  Prior to coming to DPA, Sherri had 13 years of state government experience working with the Department of Juvenile Justice and Eastern Kentucky Veterans Center.  Her educational achievements include a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from Sullivan University in which she graduated with honors and was the recipient of the President’s Cup.  Sherri resides in Louisville with her husband and has two sons and two grandchildren.

Information Technology

Information Technology Branch Manager Scott Richard (Profile coming soon)

Fiscal Branch Manager Brian Rogers joined The Department of Public Advocacy in October 2013 and has responsibility for all budgeting, accounting, and business functions.  Brian is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and Sullivan University.  He has held accounting/auditing positions with the Finance, Transportation, and Labor Cabinets during his career with the Commonwealth.  Brian resides in Georgetown with his wife Jamie and their three daughters, Avery, Rylie, and Baylee.


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