Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy


Sept 27 - Oct 2, 2015, Jabez/Nancy, KY

The Kentucky Public Defender College provides one of the nation's best litigation advocacy institutes held at the Kentucky Leadership Center.

The Kentucky Leadership Center at Faubush


During this 5 1/2 day Institute students learn by doing, working through a case from brainstorming through closing argument, guided by coaches from across the nation to be part of this leading practice institute. The student practice and receive constructive feedback on the following litigation skills:

Brainstorming Direct Examiniation
Theory and Themes Cross Examination
Voir Dire  Closing Argument
Opening Statement  

Faubush Class Group

"Before Faubush, I was essentially clueless about how to handle a jury and cross examine a police officer. Since Faubush, I feel confident in front of the jury and I really think I was able to get them on my side by using the tactics I learned to help the jury relax and make them at ease. I was able to get the jurors to talk to me during voir dire, which is something I never dreamed would be possible. I was able to use cross examination technique I learned at Faubush to get the police officer to further my defence. By the end the officer was on my side and admitted that he could not prove that my client wrote the bad checks. Fabush not only taught me how to handle a trial, jury, and police officer, it also instilled in me the confidence to get up and do what it takes to earn the "not guilty". - Comment from a participant

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