Andrea Kendall Appointed as CTB East Directing Attorney

The Public Advocate is pleased to announce that Andrea M. Kendall has been appointed as the Directing Attorney of the Capital Trial Branch East. Andrea joined DPA as a Public Defender Corps Fellow in the Boone Trial Office in 2011. She also worked in the Newport Trial Office before joining CTB-East in 2017. Andrea completed the Gideon’s Promise Core 101 training program in 2014 and returned in 2018 to mentor young lawyers. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Andrea graduated from Ohio State University and Georgetown University Law Center. Prior to joining DPA, Andrea and her husband Ray Ibarra worked as a public defenders in Montgomery County, Maryland and Santa Barbara County, California. Andrea’s time is spent foster parenting an energetic toddler. Previous hobbies included visiting National Parks, watching classic films, and playing board games.