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Bieger Named Columbia Trial Office Directing Attorney

Lauren Bieger Named Columbia Trial Office Directing Attorney

DPA is pleased to announce the appointment of Lauren Bieger as Directing Attorney for the Columbia Trial Office.  Lauren took the sage advice of a relative, who just happened to be a Circuit Judge, and applied to be a staff attorney for DPA in 2013. Lauren places an emphasis in her practice on client engagement and motion writing.  She has gone to trial on many serious felony cases in her five years with DPA including murder, robbery, assault, and sexual offenses. Her outstanding motion practice has led to suppression of evidence and additional records requests that have assisted clients in better outcomes. 

Lauren completed her Juris Doctorate at the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University in 2012. She earned her Bachelor's Degree from Georgetown College in the study of Political Science in 2009. Lauren resides in Glasgow with her husband Chris and son Patton.