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Jason Cloyd Appointed Law Operations Division Director

JasonCloyd.pngJason Cloyd Appointed Law Operations Division Director

The Public Advocate is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Cloyd to the position of Law Operations Division Director. Jason has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and has worked for the Administrative Office of the Courts for 21 years.  For the past decade, he has been the Manager of the Records Division at the Administrative Office of the Courts, overseeing the employees and processes responsible for running criminal records.  In this capacity, Jason has worked with many in DPA over the past few years at expungement events, where he has regularly committed AOC resources after hours and all around the state to give people information about their opportunities to get a clean slate and fresh start through expungement.  Prior to this position in the Records Division, he was a trainer and supervisor for Pretrial Services as a new case management system was implemented.


In addition to being an experienced leader who is committed to service, Jason Cloyd is a good guy.  Representative Jason Nemes, who was the head of AOC when Cloyd was promoted to Records Manager said, “It is impossible not to like Jason.”