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Karem Named JPDB Supervisor

Laura K.pngLaura Karem Named JPDB Supervisor

DPA is pleased to announce that Laura Karem has been named the Department of Public Advocacy, Juvenile Post Disposition Branch Supervisor. Laura started her career in the DPA Bell County Trial office, where she soon became the juvenile specialist in her office. In that position, she brought tremendous change benefiting child clients. Following her successful stint as the juvenile specialist, Laura was appointed as the original directing attorney of the DPA Harlan Trial office. While in Harlan she had a broad practice in adult and juvenile cases, and continues to represent a client charged with murder. During her time in Harlan she was awarded the Eastern Region's Against All Odds Award, Walker Award, and Toddler Award for her successes in a number of challenging adult and juvenile cases. Laura joined the Juvenile Post Disposition Branch in 2016, where she successfully navigated complicated facilities and assignments. One of the hallmarks of Laura's career is that she consistently finds a way to get great results in cases that present unique issues. Laura will continue to guide our agency in excellent representation of juvenile clients in her new leadership position.