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Thank You Veterans

Thanks to the Veterans Working for DPA’s Clients

In this month of Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, we are thankful for and to the veterans who have served our country and now serve our clients in DPA.  Thirty-two DPA employees have either served in the military in the past or currently serve in the reserves.  They are an invaluable resource in their dedication to public service and in their ability to relate to our clients who are veterans.  Today, we want to honor these men and women who have given so much to the United States and to the Commonwealth of Kentucky:
  • Rodney Barnes – Bluegrass Region Manager
  • Greg Berry – Supervisor, Glasgow
  • Abamekeze Zih Biame Meh – Alternative Sentencing Worker, Lexington South
  • Jessica Buck – Supervisor, Danville
  • Kieran Comer – Supervisor, Frankfort Post-Conviction
  • Russ Crusott – Attorney, Elizabethtown
  • Lee Davis – Attorney, Elizabethtown
  • Barbara Fletcher – Alternative Sentencing Worker, Elizabethtown
  • Sean Goddard – Fiscal Branch, Law Operations
  • Holly Harrison Hawkins – Investigator, Frankfort Post-Conviction
  • Nicholas Houser – Alternative Sentencing Worker, LaGrange Trial Office
  • Robin Irwin – Attorney, Paducah
  • Kevin Kirk – Alternative Sentencing Worker, Owensboro
  • Taylor Lansdale – Attorney, Morehead
  • Jim Martin – Investigator, LaGrange Trial Office
  • Adam Meyer – Attorney, Appeals
  • Glenn McClister – Attorney, Education Branch
  • Tina Mills – Alternative Sentencing Worker, Bell County
  • Chad Nelson – Attorney, Hopkinsville
  • Barbara Owens – Attorney, Elizabethtown
  • Joshua Powell – Investigator, Capital Trial Branch East
  • Shannon Powers – Attorney, Henderson
  • David Rainey – Attorney, Elizabethtown
  • Mark Rice – Attorney, Elizabethtown
  • Rick Sanborn – Attorney, Hopkinsville
  • Kevin Sharkey – Attorney, Protection and Advocacy
  • Sheila Stoffel – Attorney, Hazard
  • John Straub – Attorney, Paducah
  • Tiffany Taylor – Alternative Sentencing Worker, Maysville
  • Rich Walls – Attorney, Henderson
  • Ramon Wilson – Investigator, Hopkinsville