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Introductory Statement Damon Preston

I am honored and humbled to have been selected by Governor Bevin to be the eighth Public Advocate of Kentucky, succeeding Ed Monahan.

Since my start as a staff attorney in Richmond twenty years ago, I have hoped to one day lead Kentucky's statewide public defender system and I am now blessed to have that opportunity. Upholding the right to counsel for every person regardless of wealth, race, nationality, gender, reputation, or charged crime has been a passion for me since law school. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, deserves to have a dedicated and competent advocate by their side before the Government takes away their liberty. Public defenders are a wall that protects all of us from state overreach based on assumptions, snap judgments, or unfounded beliefs.

Thanks to Governor Bevin and his staff, Justice Secretary John Tilley and his staff, and the Public Advocacy Commission for their faith and confidence in me as the next leader of Public Advocacy.

Thanks to my parents, Jack Preston and Linda Preston for setting examples of hard work and integrity and for their unfailing support through the years. Thank to my wife Amy Preston for her love, friendship, and support over these past 17 years. Suffice it to say the life of a spouse of a public defender is not always easy and Amy has always been there for me. Finally, thanks to God for His blessings, grace, and mercy on our family.
I look forward to serving the Commonwealth in the years to come!​