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Six Clients Released

Juvenile Post-Disposition Branch Wins Release for Six Clients, Saving Them and the State Fifty (50) Years of Incarceration

Among other duties, DPA’s Juvenile Post-Disposition Branch (JPDB) works with juvenile or adult clients who are charged or convicted in adult court for a felony that happened while they were a juvenile.  In the law, these clients are called “youthful offenders.”  By any measure, October was an extraordinary month for JPDB as three youthful offender clients had parole board hearings and all three were released, and three other youthful offender clients were released on probation after hearings to determine if they should be sent to an adult prison upon turning 18.  JPDB attorney Laura Karem and others advocated for the three clients released on parole with the assistance of DPA Alternative Sentencing Worker Anthony Tanner, who produced a mitigation video submitted to the Parole Board along with reentry plans for all three youth.  Anthony Tanner also assisted on the cases of the three clients released on probation, who were represented by attorneys Angela Slaton and Suzanne Hopf.  Together, the JPDB teams saved these six youth from over 50 years of prison time and reunited them with their families, giving them much to be thankful for this holiday season.