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Clean Slate Kentucky




Clean Slate Kentucky provides resources to help people expunge their criminal records. For more information, visit the​. Clean Slate Kentucky can help you to figure out if you are eligible for expungement, a step by step guide on how to request an expungement and where to find training sessions to help you with your expungement application. 

WHAT IS EXPUNGEMENT? Expungement is the legal process where an arrest, charge or conviction are completely removed from your record. In Kentucky, if you do not ask for expungement, the arrest, charge or conviction will stay on your criminal history. This means that any time your background is run, the conviction will show up.  This can hurt job opportunities, school or educational opportunties and even some government assistance programs. Expungement gives you a clean slate. 

For more information on what expungement can do for you, go to the RESOURCES page on 

AM I ELIGIBLE FOR EXPUNGEMENT IF I WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY, IF THE CHARGE WAS DISMISSED OR IF THE GRAND JURY DID NOT INDICT ME? Yes, you are eligible for expungement after a certain period of time. To learn more, go to the NON-CONVICTION page on

AM I ELIGIBLE FOR EXPUNGEMENT IF I WAS CONVICTED OF A MISDEMEANOR? Yes,  you can apply to expunge an unlimited number of misdemeanor charges. However, the waiting period for misdemeanor exupngement is 5-years from the time that you complete your sentence. DUI's are the exception to that rule, and expungement is not possible for 10 years from the date of your charge. To learn more, go to the MISDEMEANORS page on

AM I ELIGIBLE FOR EXPUNGEMENT IF I WAS CONVICTED OF A FELONY? Certain Class-D felonies are eligible for expungement. You can expunge more than on Class-D felony if they are part of the same case or arose from the same incident. If you are eligible for and receive expungement, your voting rights will be restored as long as you have no other felonies on your record. To learn more, go to the FELONIES page on

HOW DO I ASK FOR AN EXPUNGEMENT? There are several steps required to request expungement. First, you must get a certificate of eligibility. You then file your packet and expungement petition with the Court. For detailed instructions, visit the INSTRUCTIONS page on

CAN I GET HELP IN MY REQUEST FOR EXPUNGEMENT? Clean Slate Kentucky offers FREE expungement information sessions. There are also several legal clinics and lawyers who will offer their services for free or a reduced cost. A list of these resources can be found on the GET HELP page of



Upcoming expungement events in Kentucky are listed in this section as we learn about them.  Lawyers are available at these events to help you determine if you are eligible for expungment. All times listed are local times.
  • Due to the pandemic, live in-person expungement events have been posponed indefinitely. We will update our website as events are scheduled.