Advanced Criminal Defense Investigation Institute

The next ACDII in 2024 will be held
Sunday, April 21st to Friday, April 26th

It’s spring at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park, and one of the park groundskeepers has been found murdered.  The police say your client had both motive and opportunity, but it is not at all clear what really might have happened.  Join the Department of Public Advocacy investigator faculty at one of Kentucky’s most beautiful state resort parks for a fun but challenging week at the Advanced Criminal Defense Investigation Institute (ACDII), DPA’s most advanced investigator training.

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Details About ACDII:

  • Participants are expected to have a grounding in the basics of investigative technique. 
  • Participants will visit the crime scene and the police evidence room after being taught how to prepare to make those visits.
  • Ample face-to-face coaching for teams throughout the week. 
  • Four case reviews will be held during the week.  In each case review, participants will show the work they have completed on the case, explain what new information they have gathered, and revise their task lists accordingly as part of a coach-led defense investigation team.
  • Participants will conduct eleven live witness interviews, not counting the interview of the client.
  • Participants will learn how to find and vet expert witnesses, including a medical examiner who will explain the autopsy results in the case in detail.
  • Teams will consist of two investigators and one attorney.  This is because we expect the investigators to be ready for every case review and the work it takes to accomplish that.
  • Training has been transformed from one driven by investigator requests to one driven by a case-review model of investigation development.

Large and complex cases are different from small cases in important ways: control of information, investigation planning, and repeated review of the progress of the investigation must all be both explicit and deliberate.  ACDII is designed to teach both investigators and attorneys how to handle large, complex investigations based on a case review model of investigation.  Students will follow their investigations through systematic case reviews as they uncover the clues waiting for them in a case problem that runs to approximately 360 pages of investigation reports detailing the information found at each step of the investigative process.

Space is limited! Please be sure to register soon if you wish to be considered for a participant opening.

The fee is $1,500 per person and covers the cost of tuition, room, and board.

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