Law Operations

The Law Operations Division (LOPS), provides administrative support to fulfill the statutory mandate in KRS Chapter 31 of high quality representation of clients. ​LOPS addresses all matters involving Human Resources, Information Technology and the Fiscal Branch of the Department of Public Advocacy. 

Those duties include providing: caseload data and analysis, fiscal information, professional work environment, technology, recruitment of high quality staff, personnel actions, criminal justice issue analysis, grant application and management, payroll and health benefits, and library information services.

Division Director

Jason Cloyd became the Law Operations Division Director in 2019. Jason has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and has worked for the Administrative Office of the Courts for 21 years.  For the past decade, he has been the Manager of the Records Division at the Administrative Office of the Courts, overseeing the employees and processes responsible for running criminal records.  In this capacity, Jason has worked with many in DPA over the past few years at expungement events, where he has regularly committed AOC resources after hours and all around the state to give people information about their opportunities to get a clean slate and fresh start through expungement.  Prior to this position in the Records Division, he was a trainer and supervisor for Pretrial Services as a new case management system was implemented.


The Defender Services Branch is responsible for providing quality assurance in maintaining the accountability and efficacy of holistic programs within the agency, such as the Alternative Sentencing Worker Program (ASWP) and the Investigation Staff. The Branch assists the agency with recruiting, orientation, ongoing training and education, caseload management, and data entry/analysis for the programs it oversees.  Additionally, the Branch works closely with DPA Leadership and collaborates with other agencies within the criminal justice system. 


The DPA Fiscal Branch is primarily responsible for the administrative support of statewide Public Defender offices in the areas of Budgeting, Accounting, Real Property and Purchasing functions for the agency.  Additionally, the Fiscal staff provides guidance and support for the archiving,  procurement card, fleet programs and travel reimbursements within the Department.  For assistance, the Fiscal Branch can be reached through the helpdesk at​ or by phone at (502) 782-3545.​

Brian Rogers​, Fiscal Branch Manager, joined The Department of Public Advocacy in October 2013 and has responsibility for all budgeting, accounting, and business functions. Brian is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and Sullivan University.  He has held accounting/auditing positions with the Finance, Transportation, and Labor Cabinets during his career with the Commonwealth.  Brian resides in Georgetown with his family.


The DPA Human Resource Branch is responsible for all overseeing  personnel, payroll, health/life benefits, employee evaluation process, workers compensation, FMLA/Sick Leave Sharing, assisting employees with EEO and ADA inquiries for the agency. For assistance, the Human Resource Branch can be reached through the helpdesk or by phone at (502) 564-5247.​


The DPA Information Technology Branch is primarily responsible for maintaining the JustWare Case Management System.  The branch also acts as a liaison between DPA and COT, as well as other agencies and vendors, in order to facilitate DPA’s technology needs.  The branch is also instrumental in providing support for meetings, trainings, conferences, and other events hosted by DPA.  For assistance, the Information Technology Branch can be contacted at​

Scott Richard, Information Technology Branch Manager, originally worked for DPA as a Network Analyst from 2004 until 2007 providing support to DPA field offices east of Frankfort.  He returned to DPA in early 2011 as the Information Systems Manager.  Prior to joining DPA, Scott has worked in secure communications in the USAF, been a Systems Administrator and technology instructor for Honeywell’s engineering academy, and an independent technology contractor working with medical firms and hospitals in eastern Kentucky.  Scott is a graduate of Morehead State University.  Scott and his family currently reside in Frankfort.