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Department of Public Advocacy In The News

Aug 4 Testimony.JPGPublic Advocate Ed Monahan testified August 4, 2017 before the Interim Joint Committee on the Judiciary on common sense criminal justice policy recommendations to realign incarceration costs in a safe and sustainable way towards treatment and reentry support by reducing admissions, including revocations to prison from probation and parole, and reducing length of stay including the length of stay for those convicted of serious and violent crimes, and also on the state of Kentucky public defense. Presentation

The KY Public Advocacy Commission seeks applicants for the position of Public Advocate for the KY Department of Public Advocacy to begin September 16, 2017.


The Public Advocate is the Chief Administrator of the Department of Public Advocacy, an independent Executive Branch agency within the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. The Public Advocate, whose office is located in Frankfort, Kentucky, leads the statewide public defender system, creates a vision for the agency, inspires its mission and forward direction, administers a $50+ million annual budget, sets policy for the agency and its employees, and oversees 545 employees in 36 offices across the Commonwealth. The agency has a trial, post-trial, and administrative division. The Public Advocate also provides oversight to the Protection and Advocacy Division, which is an independent division within the Department. The Public Advocacy Commission, a 12-person governing board, supervises the Public Advocate. 

Written submissions must be received by 4:30 p.m. eastern on July 28, 2017.  Send to Public Advocate Search Committee, c/o Jessie Luscher, Department of Public Advocacy, 5 Mill Creek Park, Frankfort, KY 40601. Facsimiles are not accepted. The Commonwealth of Kentucky is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Electronic submittals will be accepted by sending to A job description, duties, competencies, qualifications and further application requirements are found HERE