Glenda Edwards Appointed Columbia Directing Attorney

(1/16/2022) Glenda Edwards began her career with DPA in 1999 in the Columbia Field Office as a staff attorney representing juvenile and adult indigent defendants from first appearance to trial.   After stops as a Directing Attorney of the Columbia Office (2003-2010), Central Regional Manager (2010-2011), and Trial Division Director (2011-2019), Glenda returned to the courtroomsContinue reading “Glenda Edwards Appointed Columbia Directing Attorney”

Nathan Shirley Appointed Somerset Directing Attorney

(1/7/2022) Nathan Shirley earned his B.A. in political science from Transylvania University, Lexington Kentucky in 2000.  He also earned his Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Cleveland Ohio in 2003.  He was a previous recipient of the Department of Public Advocacy In Re Gault Award.  He has practiced law with theContinue reading “Nathan Shirley Appointed Somerset Directing Attorney”

Heather Estes Appointed Stanton Directing Attorney

(1/7/2022) I’m pleased to announce that Heather Estes has been appointed as the new Stanton Directing Attorney. Heather received her Bachelor Degree in Psychology from University of North Carolina – Greensboro, in 1997. In 2000 she graduated from Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville. Heather has practiced law for twenty years andContinue reading “Heather Estes Appointed Stanton Directing Attorney”

Alyson McDavitt Appointed Bowling Green North Directing Attorney

(1/7/2022) Alyson has been with DPA since 2008, when she was hired at the Glasgow trial office and later transferred to the Bowling Green office in 2011.  She was born in and grew up around Bowling Green and completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at Western Kentucky University before getting a master’s degree in sociologyContinue reading “Alyson McDavitt Appointed Bowling Green North Directing Attorney”

Sheena Baylon Appointed Newport Directing Attorney

(1/5/2022) Sheena Baylon received her Bachelor Degree from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois, in 2006. In 2010 she graduated from Salmon P. Chase College of Law. Immediately after being admitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky she began her career in public service with the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy. Sheena isContinue reading “Sheena Baylon Appointed Newport Directing Attorney”

Laura Fitzer Appointed Cynthiana Directing Attorney

(11/1/2021) Laura Fitzer joined DPA as an intern in 2014. She interned with the Boone, Covington, and Newport Trial Offices, as well as the Kentucky Innocence Project. She began as a Staff Attorney at the Cynthiana Trial Office before transferring to the Boone Trial Office. She regularly trains new attorneys to defend children and isContinue reading “Laura Fitzer Appointed Cynthiana Directing Attorney”

Erin Hartman Appointed Elizabethtown Directing Attorney

(8/16/2021) Erin Melchior Hartman is the Directing Attorney of the Elizabethtown Trial Office, in Hardin County, KY. The office is responsible for Hardin, LaRue, Grayson, Meade and Breckinridge Counties. She started with DPA in 2018 as a Staff Attorney covering Hardin Circuit Court beginning a tenure of trial litigation. Responsible for handling many serious feloniesContinue reading “Erin Hartman Appointed Elizabethtown Directing Attorney”

Gerald DeRossett Appointed Hazard Directing Attorney

(4/16/2021) Gerald DeRossett is the Directing Attorney at the Hazard Trial Office. Gerald is a lifelong resident of Prestonsburg, Kentucky. He graduated from Transylvania University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Minors in History and Economics. He received his J.D. from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1988.Continue reading “Gerald DeRossett Appointed Hazard Directing Attorney”