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Conflict Service Division

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Brad Holajter is the first Director of the Conflict Services Division at the Department of Public Advocacy.   Brad returned to DPA in 2020 after serving as Executive Director of the Office of Management and Administrative Services (OMAS) at the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet (JPSC), since 2017.  As Executive Director of OMAS, Brad provided support to the JPSC’s departments, officers, and employees on all matters related to human resources, budget, fiscal and administrative operations.

Brad began his career in 2004 with the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy as a Public Advocate Investigator, specializing in capital trials investigations and mitigation defenses.  In 2013, Brad was appointed Director of the Law Operations Division and became a member of the agency’s Leadership Team. In this role, Brad was instrumental in the opening of the Georgetown, Nicholasville, Princeton, and Shelbyville Trial Offices as well as in the development and implementation of the Defender Services Branch, which was created to assist in monitoring and providing data related to DPA’s Alternative Sentencing Workers (ASWs). Brad has worked closely with DPA’s Education Branch to educate Attorneys, Investigators, ASWs, and Leaders to improve client-centered representation and leadership skills.

Brad Holajter graduated with a JD from Syracuse University College of Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Spanish from Indiana University.

DPA's Division of Conflict Services was established to build a statewide indigent conflict system and improve the quality of defense for indigent individuals represented through contract conflict counsel statewide.  The Conflict Services Division provides support to DPA’s 33 trial offices, Post-Trial Division and over 180 conflict attorneys.  The Conflict Services Division’s focus is to provide resource management and dedicated training opportunities for conflict attorneys. Through committed support and general oversight, the Division seeks to continue ongoing quality, holistic defense while affording increased resources to private conflict counsel.

DPA is continually recruiting dedicated attorneys to represent DPA conflict clients through contracts in all 120 counties.  Attorneys interested in this important work should contact Brad Holajter at to inquire about opportunities available in their area.