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Capital Defense Institute

​The DPA has adopted the ABA Guidelines for the Appointment and Performance of Death Counsel in Death Penalty Cases. Pursuant to the guidelines, the DPA offers training for members of capital defense teams a minimum of every other year. In addition to the Capital Defense Institute, DPA offers training in Capital Voir Dire and Regional Death Penalty Training. 

The Capital Defense Institute provides capital defense teams with the opportunity to extensively review one of their cases through an institute format with plenary sessions and small group break out practice with nationally recognized faculty. 

Topics will vary from Institute to Institute and may include:
  • Developing Integrated Theory for Life
  • Investigation and Creation of Social History Report
  • Presenting Mitigating Evidence
  • Communicating with Clients
  • Negotiating
Intended Audience: Capital Defense Teams

Capital Voir Dire Training provides capital defense teams knowledge and practice in conducting individual capital voir dire utilizing the Colorado Method modified for Kentucky. Teams are encouraged to take the workshop close to trial and to repeat the workshop before each trial. 

Topics Include:
  • The Colorado Method Overview
  • Rating System
  • Conducting the individual Voir Dire
  • Litigating Voir Dire Conditions
  • Arguing Both Sides of Motions to Strike for Cause

Intended Audience: Capital Defense Teams 1-5 months from trial date

Regional Death Penalty Training is a one day training event that is offered from year to year, depending on trends in capital litigation. 

Past topics have included: 
  • Making Objections in Openings and Closings
  • Instructions
  • Using OneNote
  • Litigating Exclusion of Death Penalty
  • Presenting Mitigating Evidence
  • Communicating with Clients
  • Negotiating
Intended Audience: Capital Defense Teams