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Investigator Training for Investigators and Attorneys

On a beautiful Autumn day, a murder has been committed…


QUESTIONS? Email Glenn McClister
Registration is limited this year. If you are interested in attending, please email Glenn McClister. 

The Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy offers an opportunity to participate in one of the most complete and comprehensive courses for criminal defense investigators in the country, open to criminal defense investigators as well as attorneys who want to work more effectively with investigators. Participants can attend as teams (an investigator and an attorney) or individually – we will match individuals up with another participant for the week. 
On a beautiful Autumn day, a murder has been committed at the Lake Cumberland 4-H Education Center nestled next to Lake Cumberland in beautiful southern Kentucky.  As the investigation of the murder proceeds, investigators and attorneys will learn to:
  • ​analyze discovery
  • identify investigation priorities
  • review police crime scene mishandling
  • interview different types of witnesses
  • organize investigation results
  • take witness statements
  • photograph crime scenes
  • interview the medical examiner
  • prepare to testify, and
  • reveal the facts that the police overlooked

Thorough training sessions on the law and best practices are alternated with actual crime scene inspection, actual witness interviews, and an ongoing organization of discovery and investigation results into a professional timeline and case-organization ready for trial. On Friday morning everyone shares what they’ve discovered about the actual killer using the timelines they have prepared as the vital piece of investigation work.

Participants will be thoroughly trained on every aspect of working as a criminal defense investigator, including:
  • ​3 hours – two sessions -  on attorney/investigator ethics including confidentiality, attorney/investigator communications, dealing with 3rd parties, and ethics concerning physical evidence, citing ABA criminal defense standards, including specific scenarios
  • Guidelines for how attorneys and investigators should plan a case together
  • Client relationships and client interviewing
  • Different types of witnesses and how to deal with each (with actual witnesses playing each type)
  • Advanced case organization for big cases using Microsoft OneNote ( a template for defense investigation especially made for OneNote will be provided)
  • Basics of report writing, including what can be handed over to the prosecution
  • Taking witness statements
  • Testifying in court
  • Subpoena use and abuse
  • Internet resources for investigators
  • Safety in the field
  • What happens during an autopsy/interviewing a medical examiner/common medical terms
  • Police crime scene investigation best practices – what the police didn’t do right
  • The criminal defense investigator’s toolbag – what to carry with you
  • Decoding discovery using police 10 codes, and
  • National Standards for criminal investigation resources from the U.S. Department of Justice  

In addition to the pending approval for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits from the Kentucky Bar Association CLE Commission, approval for CLE credits will be requested from Ohio, Tennessee, and Indiana. 

If you are travelling from out-of-state, fly into the Lexington Bluegrass Airport. If you fly in on Saturday night to save on airline fares and you need transportation, please contact us immediately and we will arrange accommodations for you in Lexington and arrange for you to be picked up on Sunday and taken to the Educational Center. The cost of the overnight room will depend upon availability of rooms in Lexington at that time. Round trip transportation to and from the Lexington airport and Faubush by a DPA van is available for $75.00.  Please mark this on your registration form and add the cost to the tuition.  Faubush is a 2-1/2 hour drive south of Lexington, Kentucky.   FAUBUSH IS ON EASTERN TIME.

Kentucky Leadership Center, Jabez, KY: Located one mile from majestic Lake Cumberland, 16 miles from the Cumberland Parkway at Jabez, Kentucky, (Faubush is the mailing address), the Kentucky Leadership Center is owned and operated by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and the Agriculture Extension Service. The Center provides a unique secluded retreat atmosphere. The fall mornings are crisp with an inexorable lifting of the day’s fog revealing a beautiful sun-drenched, lakeside day of focused fun-filled litigation learning and professional development​.

"Wonderful!  I am energized!"

"Good imitation of a real case investigation.  This was a great week and learned a lot and can’t wait to put into action!  Fantastic!"

"It will be remarkably useful with my cases especially complicated ones.  Best DPA training I’ve ever participated in!  Very knowledgeable instructors.  Extremely interesting and fun!  Love the motivation and focus of the “whodunit” aspect and the slow accumulation of evidence."

"The case problem plot was very well done. It had several twist and turns and was more involved than a lot of TV plots."